Celebrating the divine role of Motherhood by Supporting, Edifying, and Healing mothers and nurturers worldwide.

A Mother-led NFT project by founder and artist Méora.

The Art and Symbolism

Mothers of Eden is an NFT collection of 7,777 mothers and their babies based on the archetypal story of the 7 days of The Creation of Earth and the Garden of Eden; a place of paradise in a pre-adversity world.

Each baby tells the story of the Mother who is surrounded by medicinal herbs and beautiful plants that benefit health and symbolize healing.

The art depicts the baby using symbols to represent each infant’s unique relationship to the mother. This ambiguity allows room for interpretation through the collector’s own experiences of the joys and trials of a life lived in a world of opposition. It may also represent a child’s unique personality, attributes, or syndromes, or as a symbol of the viewer’s own inner-child being held by a loving Divine feminine figure.

The mint price for each Mothers of Eden NFT is TBA.

Each wallet can purchase up to 5 Mothers of Eden NFTs per transaction.


Discovering Motherhood

I am McKenna (aka Méora), an artist and Mother to four beautiful souls. I have always thrived in the creative process from painting and designing, to building brands and businesses, to creating new relationships and putting good out into the world.

When I became a mother, the co-creation of my family birthed a side of me that brought me a joy greater than I could comprehend. Through their lives, it invigorated a new level of personal growth and possibility.

The Loss of a Daughter

That was all stripped away when we lost our third baby, Claire, at 11 months old in an accident in December of 2020. I lost my baby, my light, in one of the most life-altering years of all our lives. My trust in myself vanished and my desire to create disappeared. I spent the year after her passing in intense grief and emotional suffering. Often agonizing over the questions, “How could life be worth creating? How could life ever be beautiful again?”

The Genesis of Mothers of Eden

In the depths of sorrow over our huge loss we were sent Claire’s gift from Heaven, her baby sister, Eden. Eden means paradise. Born 9 months to the day after Claire’s passing, Eden came to grow the garden of paradise back into my family’s hearts and show us a path toward healing from the pain and sorrow.

Mothers of Eden is about the growth and overcoming that is possible within all of us as creators of life, as mothers, as healers, as nurturers of all things living and worth growing. Souls who edify and bring light into the world by first healing themselves and then healing their homes. Our mission is to grow paradise and peace on this earth once more.

In honor of Claire, join me in our mission to bring Eden to earth.



We believe in providing a supportive community to mothers everywhere. We aim to gather women and men who can sustain each other through the trials we face as human beings.  We long to help ease the burdens of mothers and children around the world.  


We believe that education is the key to health and healing inside the home. We are extremely passionate about holistic healing in motherhood; focusing on physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We are passionate about helping mothers step into their intuitive gifts as divine matriarchs of their homes. 

We love to educate on empowered childbirth, accessible home remedies, and raising empathic children. We want to focus on providing resources for healing from trauma, mental difficulties, as well as support in protecting families from abuse and navigating child loss and grief.

We continually seek out experts in various fields and bring them to our community to provide mothers with the tools they need to find peace and live meaningful lives.


We believe that healing can be found in many different methods and modalities. We believe the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected and when you heal one, it helps heal the others. We strive to educate on a variety of traditional and alternative healing methods. We want to empower Mothers to follow their divine intuition, support their families in healing, and be able to connect with unique healing professionals and coaches.

Note: We are not doctors and we are not offering medical advice. Please consult a physician or medical professional before starting any medical course of action.



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